At the end of almost all of my “quiet times” I peek through my blinds to look at the grandeur in front of me as I pray for the day. This morning I opened the door and then the boys’ window so I could try and capture some of this beauty to share with you. I pray while looking at Pike’s Peak because it reminds me of God. He is huge, He is steady, He is strong, He is my Rock, He is majestic…splendid…beautiful…ever present…unshakable…immovable…and…Gentle? Yes, always Gentle! Though strong and sturdy, Great and Mighty, always Gentle! What a grace; what a gift. I need the strength of God. I need His hard words sometimes. I need the unshakable, sturdiness of a God Who Is…always Is! I need His Great and Mighty ways so that I stand always…bow always in awe of Him. Yet, in order to bare all of Who He Is and not be “ruined” (Isaiah 6:5) I need His Gentle-ness…a grace…a gift.

Thank you Father for these “Gentle Graces”…may I give the same this day and on.


the sight of a strong, majestic and “gentle” mountain, a camera to catch the wonders of a day, a little boy in footed pajamas, an afghan to cuddle under, the ever-present squirrels, playing peek-a-boo behind the curtains with Hannah, 30 minutes alone with God before life stirred this morning, no water at the Church Building…Nathan can work some from home, no water at the Church building…the faithful Church family who came together to help during the pipe-burst, no water at the Church building insurance to cover almost all of the need, our first “deposit” into Nathan’s mission trip fund, memorized Colossians 1:1-10…onto 11-12, snow sparkling in the sun, crumbs on the floor – it means we ate…we have food!, little “Grace” learning to walk and dance, the orange shining bright in the sun off a bunch of “cuties”, a husband who takes the dishes to the sink, a full refrigerator…”Can’t be unhappy with a full refrigerator” -The Guitar Player says, walking in the snow, a little boy enjoying math, 2 faithful dogs