‘”Come on, everybody!” yelled the mayor, her voice echoing in the vaulted room. “Joke time!”
Uncle Billy stood as straight as he was able, holding on to his cane and looking soberly at the little throng, who gave forth a murmur of coughing and throat-clearing…
“Wellsir, this census taker, he went to a house an’ knocked, don’t you know. A woman come out, ‘e said, ‘How many children you got, an’ what’re their ages?’
“She said, ‘Let’s see, there’s th’ twins Sally and Billy, they’re eighteen. And th’ twins Seth an’ Beth, they’re sixteen. And th’ twins Penny an’ Jenny, they’re fourteen—‘
“Feller said, ‘Hold on! Did you git twins ever’ time?’
“Woman said, ‘Law, no, they was hundreds of times we didn’t git nothin’.'”
The old man heard the sound of applause overtaking the laughter, and leaned forward slightly, cupping his hand to his left ear to better take it in. The applause was giving him courage, somehow, to keep on in life, to get out of bed in the mornings and see what was what.”
-A New Song from the Mitford Series by Jan Karon (Chapter 2, Social Graces)

I just felt like sharing a good laugh and smile today. We all need it “somehow, to keep on in life, to get out of bed in the mornings and see what (is) what.” When my oldest son sits with his sister and makes her giggle and smile, when my second son practically explodes with joy as he watches fireworks, when my youngest little boy and I kiss and then stick our tongues out and go “bluhhh”, when I’m sitting with my little girl on my lap after dinner and she’s blowing raspberries, when my husband and I get in a tickle match…life is sweet. There is joy and, yes, even happiness on this journey. All is not lost just because we live in a fallen world! Ofcourse it’s not – Jesus has lots of “lights” walking around in this darkness. So, friends, find something today to make you throw your head back, open your mouth, close your eyes (maybe not outside, you could eat a bug) and give a good, loud, hearty laugh!