For the Dad who get’s why this is late…

So, a little over 10 years ago we began this journey of parenthood.  I’ve written much about the silly, inadequate, flailing years of my motherhood, and I’ve written a little about how these Fabulous Five have basically raised me.  But, I don’t know if I’ve written enough about the man who has stood next to me and for me and with me during every moment.  The same day I became a mom, he became a dad…and that’s no little thing!


IMG_2249 IMG_2250

That little man who changed everything for this pair of kids now having a kid, he has a daddy who looked right down into his little face with love, fear, and determined faith.

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I remember two weeks after coming home with Christopher, having the flu, having no idea how to do this no sleep thing, this breast feeding thing, this “nice when you don’t feel nice” thing, and he would get up every time that little boy would cry out, bring him to his momma on the mattress we were sleeping on on the floor of his bedroom, and never once complain.  Then, he’d get up within the next few hours and go to his college classes, followed by driving 30 minutes away to go to work that evening.

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We were both of us, a lot of immaturity, but we were both of us, learning.  We’ve often said Christopher is an amazing boy despite us.  It’s probably true, but it wasn’t all a loss. There was still a lot of love in the learning.  Grace!

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It didn’t take us long to add on, whether the world thought we should have or not.  God said, “Yes,” so we accepted with a smile.  That number two, that Timothy, well, he changed us all over again.  He had a big smile, a big scream, a big need, and we are thankful we have a big God!  Before there was special needs or autism or speech therapy, there was just this love of a little boy who mystified us.



This guy followed on his big brother’s heels by 15 months!  Within seven weeks of his life, our lives took us into the mountains.  We left the midwest and went west, all the way to Colorado.  Aaron has brought us laughter from second one!  He’s clumsy, silly, full of dramatic emotion, and sooo his father’s son in sooo many wonderful ways!  They share in stature, determination, and love of the guitar.

25156_411915098551_6548794_nWell, then Miss Cute arrived, and his life was forever changed.  No longer was the word “no” an easy answer.  Hearts melt when you have a little Cinderella reaching for you and saying your name with a smile.

IMG_1437And surprise, surprise, number five arrived in her pretty pink package!IMG_2444IMG_2471



So, in the span of 11 1/2 years, we have marriage, a few ministries, five children, and this knowledge that there is still more life to live.



I wouldn’t choose anyone else to live it with!  I love this man, his heart, his smile, his songs, his voice, his nearness, his passion, his cookin’, his arms wrapped around me, his love!