What does it mean to commit? We live in a world that is very anti-commital and when we see those who actually do, we wonder at it. Why is it so hard to do? I’ve been listening to sermons on this subject, pondered the questions, and asked myself if it’s something that I do or just dream about doing.

Terms like “goals”, “resolutions”, and “plans” are thrown around as loosely as the leaves that fall in autumn. We no longer expect to follow through; we’ve just made it a big joke that finds its beginning on January 1st and its end on the 15th. We’ve given Morning Shows, Talk Shows, and magazines plenty to feature annually about how to reach this goal or that resolution due to our lack of commitment. So what makes the difference – how do we become what we intend instead of continuing to intend on becoming?

For my part, I’m still learning. I have found I can’t really plan that far ahead. In fact, I’ve had to look only at today and wait and look at tomorrow, well, tomorrow. If I focus on today then tomorrow doesn’t seem as overwhelming, the goal stays within reach, and the slip-ups don’t take near as long to recover from. The truth is, I can’t live fully in the moment for tomorrow…its moment hasn’t come yet. I can only be all here right now. Having a future-big picture in mind isn’t wrong or useless, it just cannot be where my heart, mind, and sights are set today. I can take a glimpse of it, smile at the future, but then I must be here…where I am…right now.

Two words have been spoken a lot recently and they are resonating with me personally. Some may say that I’m just using new terminology for the same idea, but I would beg that I’m using new ideas with seasoned but misused terminology. Habit…Rhythm. I have reconnected with these “old friends”. They bring a stillness, a peace, a delight, a refreshment to my days. They don’t require lists or time tables or charts or pressure; rather they equip me for living in Rest on this day and this day only. They make life more like a dance and less like a strict march. They make life flow instead of making it screech to a halt at every corner. They give my days sunrises and sunsets instead of alarm clocks and timers. They give my days…me, instead of only my shell of a body while my mind and heart are somewhere in time. Habit and Rhythm open my ears to Shama (shaw-ma) – to listen, really listen to Him.

So I commit to this day. I lay down my time-tables, my lists, my…self today. I glance intently at the mountains, for from there comes my help, and then I turn to see the next moment of this Wednesday. I walk into it not know but trusting…not seeing fully but still loving…not having attained but pressing on.

Today (and hopefully the next three hundred and something days) I commit to:
~Memorizing, knowing, listening to the book of Colossians
~Living fully in each moment with Him and them…that means the inclusion of others in these moments of being “in His presence”
~Giving Him my words and praying He continues to give me His to share, to strengthen, and to show love to others

“This is the day the LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!”