So, the week has just been…lacking. I feel as if I got to Friday in a daze. The mornings, noons, and nights all kind of ran into each other, like a blurry photo taken when no one was sitting still with a smile.

Things I remember from this week…
I have changed, wiped, personally cleaned up, and washed up a lot of…poop! (Such is the life of a mother of a ten month old.)
I have held, almost non-stop it seems, a fussy baby who really may be allergic to dairy or lactose or whatever is in milk that used to be considered good for people.
I have heard more fussing, whining, and crying (some my own) than I care to hear again for a while. (A day, I’ll take a day!)
I haven’t felt myself, my body hasn’t been quite a 100 %, ummm, and I’m tired, yup just plain old exhausted with no full night of sleep in sight. (I have missed a few words just in the three small paragraphs I’ve just typed and have already had to edit. This one may take awhile to get out.)

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