4 He makes winds his messengers,
   flames of fire his servants.

Psalm 104:4 NIV

I had often thought of the force of that word -the burning energy, the purging purity of flaming fire.  But not of this gentler ministry, this bathing in brightness all that He touches…(and) the winds…They are selfless servants (who ever saw a wind?); they are obedient to cause either calm or storm, fulfilling His word; and they are free (free as the wind, we say.)

Isn’t this a perfect picture of what you and I want to be?



Free, because we are obedient.

Cleansing in brightness all whom we touch.

Only love can be that and do that.

Lord, forevermore give us this kind of love.

~Amy Carmichael, from

Thou Givest – They Gather pp. 109-110

“Transform one irritable or angry thought, to a thought and a word of love…

Transform one hoarded moment, to a moment (or an hour) of patient compassion…

Transform me, Father, by the little glories of this day…”

~David Hazard