Yesterday was a day that left Nathan and I in jaw-dropping awe!

For about 2 or so years I have been praying about getting our children in to see the dentist.  They desperately needed it, I knew, but being self-pay has never allowed for us to have the funds to get them in.  (I knew the initial visit would cost more because I knew there would be more than just a cleaning that would need to be done.)  We are thankful for the Christian co-op that we are a part of that puts us in ministry with others, but with it comes some personal responsibility to try and save for some extra things not covered by them…one of those things being dental work.

Last year I also entreated the prayer support of a friend or two over this issue.  One of these friends in particular had just received a “dental miracle” – thousands of dollars of work done for free!  I celebrated with her, but never thought to hope for such a thing for ourselves.  Prayers continued on and off for that time, and then some time during 2012 I laid it down.  We had to take our youngest son into the dentist because he was hurting from a cavity but after their x-rays and their estimation of price for what they thought was necessary, we had to leave without getting anything done.  We hated doing that, but we just didn’t have the over $800 to pay for one little tooth!  So, we tried to better our dental health at home as best we could.  New toothbrushes, less sugar from candy and other snacks that have complex carbs (goldfish), and just really trying to make sure they brushed well.

Some time in the last couple months I picked this prayer back up, just really taking our need to Father again.  I just knew we needed to get these kids into the dentist!  Come to find out, God knew as well:)  About two weeks ago I received an email from Timothy’s school nurse about a Kids Smile program coming up in February where certain dentists were giving out services for free!  I ran down stairs and showed Nathan; I knew God was answering our prayer!  (But I had no idea just how much!)  I called and got our three boys in (later getting our three year old daughter in too), and as I was talking with the receptionist at the dentist office, I found out one of our friends from church – who is also in our small group – works at this dentist office!  Double blessing!

So, yesterday, we gathered all four of our little “mouths” into the van to get to the office by 8:15 a.m. (it ended up being 8:30…hey that’s really good!).  The waiting room was relaxing and appealing to four excited, albeit nervous children.  We were all able go back and take the tour, and then Nathan and I were even able to stay in the spacious “work” room where four chairs were set up – one assigned for each of our children, with Disney t.v. playing over their little heads.  The blessings just kept coming!

Now, let me tell you, all that this “free week” was promising was a check-up, x-rays, and any quick extractions or fillings.  We knew Aaron would need a tooth pulled and a filling, Timothy would possibly get a tooth pulled, and that Christopher might have cavities.  Well, here’s what the final “diagnosis” was:

Hannah – perfect teeth!  Yay!


Aaron – one tooth pulled, one tooth filled, and sealants. (sp?)


Timothy – one tooth pulled, sealants. (sp?)


And are you ready for this?

Christopher – after the initial cleaning and x-rays, a baby root-canal on one tooth, and four – four !!! – fillings/caps!


In the end, the Stephan’s left our new dentist office, having been given (!!!) over $3500 worth of work for free!

Double blessings!

And then, as I stood talking to our friend Dianna who works there, I found out that as self-pay we get amazing benefits that our family can afford and work with for future appointments!  So in six, seven, eight, and nine months we will be able to take our kiddos in for a routine check-up without much cost to us!

Blessings upon blessings!

For the rest of the day Nathan and I were in an amazed state.  We’d talk a little about this or that, and then just couldn’t help returning back to the blessings we’d just received!

You know me, ever the desiring missionary.  Well, God gave me the blessing of feeling like one over this “dental issue”…in the praying, in the waiting, and then in the miracle of the provision.  Now, we are praying and waiting on things like debt, the trip to NC in May (our furlough if you will – ha!), our broken toilet, our van that keeps losing it’s electrical qualities, and the tightness of our living quarters.  Wow, what blessings!  I am a missionary, and I love it!