I was typing an email to my Dad this morning, and some of the things I talked about with him seemed good to remember, so here’s a little brief…

“He that began a good work, will complete it (Phil 1:6). This is a hard concept for me to consistently believe, though it has never proved untrustworthy. Grasp a hold of Truth! Devour His Word, when you’re hurt, mad, furious even, when you’re happy, joyful, at peace. Tell Him…expose yourself before Him. I’ve been challenged to do this lately. The book I’m reading (A Fresh Brewed Life – yes our lives can be like that first cup of coffee in the morning!) describes us as swiss cheese. We tend to think the “holes” in our lives are faults; then they become areas we try and fill up with our own devices. Some of my devices have been depression, seclusion, tv, books, my own dreams (tv, book, and dreams are not all bad, but I can too easily make them my god). The author says that we were meant to have the “holes”; their purpose, though, is to be filled by God. Allowing Him to fill will inevitably require us to lay bare before Him…maybe even for a period of time…longer than you want. But, again, He who began a good work, will complete it!”*

I have wanted to send out an encouraging email to my church ladies, other friends, and family for some time now, but quite frankly my life (the one behind closed doors) has not been full of the stuff that encouragement comes from. I have been struggling, sinning, repenting, struggling, sinning, repenting, etc. Though a lot of thinking came from all of this, none seemed right to share. So, I will share now on what I have been relearning…

God loves me, this I know! He doesn’t shame me (I do that), He doesn’t oppose me (I do), accuse me (Satan and me can have a hay-day here), condemn me, or push me away (I pull). What God does do, is found in Romans 8:29 – 32. He has foreknown me; from creation, He knew us! I wasn’t an afterthought…we were (and still are) His first thought! Those of us who have chosen to be a part of His family, have been predestined to be like His Son! That means there is a plan to get us to holiness and perfection, and it begins here on this side of eternity! He has called us! We are not saved and then left to our own devices, God has some stuff for us to do! The Creator of the universe has called us to do something for Him! He has included us (all of us imperfect people) in His work! He has justified us! It is just as if I had never sinned when I stand in the light of His Son’s glorious presence. Speaking of that, he glorified us as well! He is our glory, and through our journey in Him, He is making us His glory! Hallelujah! Have tears welling up yet? Joy? Hope?**

Still, we have an Enemy, but worry not, God knows it! And so He says, “If (I) am for you, who can (dare) be against you? (For) He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?” (Rom 8:31-32) So, my ladies, friends, family, here’s how I ended my email to my Dad:

“Daddy, I love you…What I want for you (and me is)…to deal and heal!” You are God’s creation…created for His purpose and pleasure. So, put that armor on (Eph 6) and go out there with Him – always with Him – and fight! (Rent Narnia and/or go see Caspian if you need a good adrenaline boost!)

*Some thoughts taken from Nicole Johnson’s Freshed Brewed Life
**Some thoughts taken from Beth Moore’s Monday Morning Bible Study at lproof.org