Last night we experienced an abbreviated Passover meal with our families. It was truly amazing to me, and honestly made me want to sit in on an entire Passover sometime (3-4 hours long!). During the meal we recited the Dayenu. Dayenu translated means “That would have been enough”. The Jews recite this, recalling the many blessings God has poured out on them even though He could have stopped at one point or another. We were challenged, then, to think of our own Dayenu; so, here is mine…

If He had merely rescued me from my sin, Dayenu
If He had only brought me Church mom’s and Christian friends, Dayenu
If He had given me only one church family, Dayenu
If He had given the opportunity for one mission trip, Dayenu
If He had just brought me to Bible college, Dayenu
If He had given me a Christian husband to minister with, Dayenu
If He had only made me a wife and a mother, Dayenu
If He had only provided the essentials, Dayenu
If He had only given me a ministry inside my home, Dayenu
If He had only let me experience one dream, Dayenu
If He had only given me peace, Dayenu
If He had only given me FAITH, Dayenu!
And a quote by Mother Teresa that gave me joy today…
Christ is longing to be your Food. Surrounded with fullness of living Food, you allow yourself to starve. The personal love Christ has for you is infinite – the small difficulty you have regarding the Church is finite. Overcome the finite with the infinite. Christ created you because he wanted you. I know what you feel – terrible longing, with dark emptiness – and yet, he is the one in love with you. I do not know f you have seen these few lines before, but they fill and empty me:
‘My God, my God, what is a heart
That thou should’st so eye and woo,
Pouring upon it all thy heart
As if thou hadst nothing else to do?
God’s love is so amazing! “Amazing love, (truly) how can it be, that you my King would die for me?” It is a love I was and am pursued by; it is a love I will pursue my whole life!