Here are some things that I have realized I have no clue about.
I have no clue about…
…what it’s like to have a family that looks “all together” in a family photo (it usually takes us an hour to do what would take other families 20 minutes to do)
…what it’s like to have all my children be completely “typical”
…what it’s like to have little boys who want to go hiking, on a nature walk, or play with bugs
…what it’s like to never lose my temper or to talk in a volume that would never scare my children
…anemometers…though Christopher does now
…what having $1,000 be the lowest my bank account ever got
…website building…but my husband does!
…why I like cloudy, cold, and sometimes rainy days – no clue!
…what in the world I’m doing some days! (resilient kids are hangin’ in there though!)
…what it’s like to have consistent family devotion times…but I really want to!
…hmm…what to type next…so…Good Night Moon.:)

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