Cleaning House:
Today I am cleaning house. It seems odd to do Spring Cleaning while there is snow lying outside. I won’t be able to get into the shed like I’d like for the few containers that would be helpful. Currently I still have to wait to begin because my sweet, oldest boy is making eggs for him and his siblings. The sink is being used as a trough of sorts – food-crusted plates and drink-stained glasses rising above the edges.


The dust isn’t just on the furniture but it is hanging from the ceilings and walls. Rocks, wood pieces, and I’m sure a veritable amount of cereal crumbs are hiding in the basement carpet right now. (Did I mention that my vacuum cleaner is almost broken?) The bathroom wall, last I checked, had smeared toothpaste on it and the backs of the two toilets that are still, mostly working are covered with, well… I have piles in the corners of my room, piles in the middle of the basement floor, piles in the kids’ rooms. Just recording all this could overwhelm me – yes, I might be overwhelmed. (Now’s not a good time to call or visit, unless you show up with a dust rag and a working vacuum cleaner!)


All this mess can be seen as grace, though. One gory mess turned into a glorious mass of Grace! Christ didn’t turn His back on a mess-encrusted, sin-smeared world, but left the very perfection of heaven to make clean those He loved. He didn’t wave a wand and make all the mess disappear or tell someone else to do all the work. No. Christ came down and used His hands to rub spit and sand together to heal a blind man. He left the lower part of His holy garment available for a blood-drenched woman to reach out and touch. He allowed His very clean life to encounter and raise unclean, dead bodies. He sat and talked holy things with unholy people. He shared faith with the faithless. He loved the mockers and betrayers. He allowed worldy-worthless tears to clean His feet, and He took His clean hands and washed mud and muck from between unclean toes. He laid down His garment of righteousness in order to wear our rags of sin…torn, sin-scented, scandalous pieces held together only by His blood mingled with our ugly, messy lives.
And after all was done – all the dust, dirt, grime, and sin had been pulled out for all to see – He gave up His breath. He didn’t cheat; nothing was spared. He felt the full measure of all of our unholy havoc. He would not die until all that led to death was heaped upon Him. He would do what He set out to do – He would take death and all its sting!
Today, I will pull all this mess out. It will get worse before it gets better. With every wipe, scrub, and putting away I will remember that was His very purpose – His very delight! Christ eagerly came for His Bride, clean robes of righteousness in His nail-pierced hands; I will eagerly “arrive” for my Bridegroom!
Off to wash and watch as all things become new again.