I struggle with all this “social networking.”  Most of the time I feel as my “friends” increase on these networks that my real relationships decrease.  It’s a bit of a balancing act, and I am not good at balance!  I’m kind of a “all or nothing” girl.  So, I get on and then I get off of Facebook.  I tweet and then I don’t, and who in the world is really following my pictures of my family life and food and flowers?  I certainly don’t follow anyone else’s!  (Not because they aren’t darling, precious, and worthy…just, I need to be looking at my own, real life darling, precious, and worthy ones!)  And Pinterest – oh, Pinterest!  You “devil” you!  Actually I think it can be wonderful, but for those of us who really shouldn’t spend all day pinning instead of “applying”, it’s just a…yep…a struggle.  Still, I have seen some amazing communities be built with these “technologies.”  I myself have found a few amazing, real relationships from them!  I mean, relationships that I just wouldn’t want to ever do without again!  Completely God-orchestrated and ordained!  I have been able to connect with family I only got to see at Christmas time before!  I have been able to get to know missionaries – one of which also turned into a Skype Bible Study!  Just having these few wonderful blessings enter my life via Facebook has given me a reason to “stay on.”  And though I am not a proponent for anyone spending hours on the computer for these reasons, or being connected to your phone/ipod/ipad more than your spouse or child’s hand, I do encourage myself and others to use such technologies as they are to use anything else in their lives – for the glory of God!

On that note, this week I am posting a link to a specific board on my Pinterest account – something I spend a total of about 10 minutes a week on…and mostly just repinning stuff I really should go back and look at!  (Kind of like my peg board at home…the one I put important paper and calendars on.  The one that should organize me; except it ends up being just another “decoration” in my house.  Hmmm…)  Anyway, this board will probably remain one of my most important ones ever!  It is full of true beauty!  It is actually a “board” that will help me build my “forever home!”  Imagine that!  Utilizing the “social media network” so that it’s influence reaches all the way to the heavenlies?!  Mmmm, yep, that’s worth my ten minutes a week!  It is in its beginning stages, but as it fills, it will continue to be a testimony of the Greatness of our God and His love for children!  for the poor!  for The Church!  So, here it is: http://pinterest.com/anamstephan/my-sponsored-child/

Now, if you’d like to create one of these beautiful boards, here’s a place to get you started!  Or you can go here!  Or you can just repin from my page to get the word out!  We want to save children in poverty, in Jesus’ Name!  There may be very few things we have done in our lives that we could conclude by saying,”In Jesus’ Name;” so, let us not pass this opportunity up!  Finally, if you just need a moment to get some inspiration for your forever home, I highly suggest you go here!  Our boards/pins/”homes” may never look the same again!