The alarm goes off, and he and I get up out of bed.  He’s heading to the gym and I’m heading for that time of day I cherish most – a time most people call “quiet“.  I tiptoe downstairs to start the coffee, and before the pot is finished brewing at least one of my four has arrived by my side.  He is usually followed by two other little boys and possibly a little girl within a matter of minutes.  I get drinks and a light breakfast to hold them over, and then I settle them downstairs for awhile.  I head back up to the living room and settle with my hot mug and Bible and books in that chair that he bought because he said he could imagine me sitting and doing my devotions in it.  And, I take a moment to sit and look around and count thanks…

the candle light flickering

the Christmas tree lights twinkling

the candles in the window shining in the dark morning

the peace, the calm, the quiet

Then, I open the pages that still make me feel like I’ve arrived home.  I still listen to how they sound as I turn them, and I still smell the aroma of paper and leather.  I take notice of how those pages feel as my fingers touch the edges…those dog-eared letters from my Father.  No matter where I am, who I’m with, or what state of mind and emotion I’m in, when I open that Book of Love Letters I am taken home with Him.  Whether it be January, April, August, or December that is how I begin my day.  At home…always at home.

If we were to add or delete certain aspects of our time “at home” in order to make more of Him at Christmas, what would they be?  I hope you have been able to ponder and create those ways in your own life, between you and your Father, but if you are still wondering, may I just welcome you into my “home” and invite you to enjoy some time with Him.