This December, are you willing to do things different so that others might see you differently?  So that others might see Him?  So that you may have the opportunity to lead others to the manger?  Might you be willing to change a tradition or add a tradition in order to draw closer to Christ?  Would you be willing to spend less money so you can spend more time in relationship with others?  Are you willing to talk less about all you have to get before Christmas Eve, so that you can talk more about all you’ve been given in order to have a Christmas?

Christmas didn’t begin in the stores or on the radio.  It wasn’t recognized because someone put up a tree with decorations and lights.  It didn’t begin in front of a warm and cozy fire with mugs of hot chocolate warming hands.  Christmas began, and is, because God left the cozy and comfortable to be born in a rugged, stench-filled cave.  The only lights were stars and the only decor was dirt and straw.  (Though the announcement was much more impressive than a radio station.  Angels filled the sky and sang praises in the heavenlies!  No lost signal to deal with there!)

There is always this struggle among Christians to balance the “season” with the actual “reason” for it.  We enjoy the magical feeling that Bing Crosby songs and movies give us (okay, at least I do), and we enjoy getting together to shop and have parties.  Then we try to make sure we are engaging our families in enough Christ-centered activities so that our children will know why we really celebrate Christmas.  This is the norm, and every year I promise myself that next year will be better than this one.  Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.  Christmas, and us trying to keep Christ the center of it, is no different from my daily attempts to do the same thing.  I want Christ to be the center of March 17…July 23….October 9…and December 25.  I want to wake up everyday knowing that I have a reason to sing “This is the day…”, and it isn’t because I get to have or do or go or be with…  It is still because Christ left heaven to come dwell in the rugged and stench-filled…in mankind.  He is the reason for Christmas…and Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

So are you willing to live differently for the next 22 days, and then for 365 days after that?  How will you begin to do so?  This month I am joining with Kalyn at The Feminine Intellect to “discuss” how to draw closer to Christ this Christmas.  If you get the chance, head over to her place today, the 5th, the 8th, the 12th, the 16th, the 19th, the 22nd, and the 24th.  I would also love to hear any ways you are willing to make Christ known starting this December.