There is something wonderful about this love for Jesus.  Every bridal soul carries this love for Jesus as the most blissful secret and the most precious thing in her heart.  Even if she does not speak of it, everyone who has anything to do with her senses something of this precious secret.  It rests like a mysterious joy over such a soul.  Radiance streams forth from her, the radiance of love.  She loves Him who is the fairest of all the sons of men.  She loves Him who shines through all heavens, through the whole universe like a majestic and glorious sun.  She loves Him who loves her so tenderly and intimately, who loves her as no human heart possibly could, and who as the Bridegroom comes to be with her…

“For bridal love reveals the heart of Jesus Himself, the heart of the Bridegroom, which pulsates for a sinful human being as for his bride.  He embraces her in intimate love.  He is concerned for her smallest needs and cares, and bears them with her.  As her Protector and Helper, He is always at her side.  He ennobles and adorns her, like a bridegroom who cares for his bride so that she might be beautiful, as He is.

~Basilea Schlink

These words have become my heartbeat…my prayer…my praise…and my thanksgiving.  I remember when Nathan and I decided to get married my Mother-in-Law asked me what my dream (for the wedding) was.  In that moment I realized something – I didn’t have one.  Weddings and marriage weren’t thought much of when I was growing up.  A couple may go get married over the weekend just as easily as I go to the store to pick up something for dinner.  No planning, no real thought, just a “Hey, want to do it this weekend?”  The same thing happens in our fairy tales; in Cinderella, the love story was all about the chase of finding and getting the girl/prince and then the “Happily Ever After” carriage ride after the wedding was over. I never got to see the princesses be excited over getting married or planning the big day.  I never got exposure to what a Bride was supposed to be like or a Bridegroom for that matter. (Well, there may have been one time…Anyway…)  Even on the day Nathan and I got married, I was excited and thrilled as much as I could be but there’s a very real possibility that I was missing out on some intense, amazing feelings.  I just had no idea of how true brides and bridegrooms were supposed to act, think, and feel toward one another.  I am still learning.

I have been seeking God on this whole topic of Bride and Bridegroom.  I want to know what He says about them.  How are they supposed to act, think, feel, look?  I caught some glimpses from His Word and from some teaching by others, but it just wasn’t quite coming alive to me.  I was having a hard time picturing her – The Bride; then, this morning, He reminded me.  That’s right, reminded because I had seen this before – in fact, I had lived it!  I was brought back to the night of my salvation and the days that followed on the heels of walking down that aisle.  I wanted to know everything…right then!  I didn’t want to be unknowledgeable; I wanted to know what scriptures were where and what all the Christianese was.  I have never liked feeling dumb!  But, on this side of things, I now see the sweet gift of that time of not knowing – of just seeking after knowing Him.  (Isn’t that the time we enjoy so much about starting a relationship, especially with the one who is to become our bride or groom?)

God reminded me of the delight of that time…when I knew very little.  It was the time when I knew to seek, when I wanted to seek, when I did seek…Him and Him alone!  It was the time before I knew complete verses from the Bible.  So, I knew, “Seek first His Kingdom and righteousness,” but I hadn’t yet heard “and all these things will be added.”  I had heard He had adopted me…that He had always planned to, but I hadn’t yet heard much on what the inheritance was (Eph.1).  I knew Jesus was living in my heart, but I didn’t know about “riches in glory” (Eph. 3).  See, I wasn’t seeking the “stuff” I would get from Jesus; I was seeking Jesus!  I wasn’t seeking the carriage ride and the Happily Ever After, I was seeking the Love in my Love Story!  I was seeking first, Him, and I wasn’t concerned about “all these things.”

I believe this is where I’m supposed to begin as I seek to know my place as Bride and seek to know my Bridegroom.  “All these things will be added,” but these things were never to be my reason for seeking.  Christ alone – the Bridegroom – He is reason enough for the Bride to come.  When She begins to understand her greatest riches and treasures are truly in Christ alone, “these things” are much easier to live open-handed with.  He can give and He can take away and my heart will not feel the pain as much, my soul will not grip to the temporal so tight, and my mind will not waver between His thoughts and my own (Isa. 55:9).

I want to live in the amazement of His great love for me – for us! I want all that He has for me; I do not want to miss a thing!  I want the sweetest of marriages with my husband and with my Bridegroom, and the wonderful thing about it all is, I can have it all in Him!  “He did not even spare His own Son, but offered Him up for us all, how will He not with Him also grant us everything!?” (Romans 8:32)

15 But I will see Your face in righteousness; when I awake, I will be satisfied with Your presence. (Ps.17)