Advent Day 1, Sunday, December 1

“The mattering part is never what isn’t.  The mattering part is never the chopped-off stump.  It isn’t what dream has been cut down, what hope has been cut off, what part of the heart has been cut out.  The tender mattering part is – you have a Tree.” ~The Greatest Gift, Ann Voskamp



When I was little, well, even when I grew into my teens, I remember that most of our Christmas trees were…gifts.  Mom would have no money or very little to spend on a tree and decorations.  I don’t remember how we got our trees; sometimes it’s best for children to have the gift of not knowing.  Some trees were tall, some would fit on our coffee table; some years we would have store bought bulbs and others we would hang homemade decorations.  My favorite Christmas trees were usually the ones we decorated at my Memaw’s house.  They were large and full with colored lights, many ornaments saved from over the years, and tinsel…so much silver tinsel!

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