This is Nate, Anastasia’s husband. I have something to share with you that’s very dear to me. After spending time reading her posts, I came across something I knew was present in her from the moment I met her. Her writings leaned in a direction of appreciation for the greatest gift God ever gave – grace. That’s why I made a new site for her.


Over and over again she continues to declare another message of grace hidden within her heart, words concerning life, family, reading, and learning. There’s a constant weaving of grace carefully intertwined within each paragraph, one more blessing to add to the testimony of God’s presence in her life. This is why I look up to her.

We decided on “Cafe of Grace” as the title because each post includes a daily consumption of one more lesson of grace, one more portion of our Portion, Jesus. Not only that, grace is what she returns to as the “popular cafe” of her time. Every morning we get up early and before I leave for the gym, there she is with a cup of coffee in one hand and her favorite Book in the other. She begins her meal and then brings it to you. New recipes, tastes of one more blessing, some more manna from heaven. Grace gives us life because of Jesus, and this is a good place to find more life because it’s His Life she feeds on.

I hope this site does exactly what she’s been doing for years now and imparts daily hope for you as she encourages you to lean on Grace one more day.