A Must Read (Definitely for a Few of My Friends!)

Thoughts from an amateur philosopher—I am currently reading a series of
meditations by Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of Voice of the Martyrs.
He suffered many years as a Jewish Christian under the hands of
communists in Romania. He wrote the meditations in his head while he was
in solitary confinement, and used little poems to help him remember them
later so he could write them down. One meditation in particular has made
a deep impact on me in the last weeks. He has observed the “dual-istic”
nature of reality during his lifetime. His observation is that there are
two realities happening at the same time. He gave this vivid (yet
somewhat morbid) illustration. In the prison, he was held in an
underground cell with no color and no sound. The guards even wore
felt-bottomed shoes so the prisoners would not detect their arrival to
retrieve them for torture. During one session of torture, Richard was
being beaten severely, but while he was being beaten the guard was
singing in a beautiful voice. Richard realized that even though his
physical body was in great pain, it was also a great gift and blessing to
his mind and spirit to hear the beautiful singing. He gave thanks to God
for the reality of the song in his ears, in the midst of the pain he was
also enduring.
My own experience—I’m sure there is some technical term for this idea
(vague memories from early college years), and I’m sure it has been made
into some sort of distorted religion. It is not my intention to teach
about something that is above me, but only to “mull over” with others
this “tension” of reality I have again wrestled with (this is a common
theme in my blogs). Wurmbrand has given me words to understand how Paul
and Silas could be beaten and jailed and could rejoice (and yet not be
considered psychotic). How Jesus could be a man of joy and a man of
sorrows simultaneously. How I can endure a marathon length “Battleship”
game with Micah (will this game EVER end?!) and at the same time find
amusement and joy in just being close to this little guy. It also
explains how the past year of my life could be the hardest, loneliest,
and most confusing……..but at the VERY SAME TIME be described as one of
the richest, most beautiful, purifying , and grace-filled.
The dilemma–The trouble with this dual-reality idea is this…….“Which one
am I supposed to talk about?” It seems dishonest to only speak of one.
“It’s been a great year!! God’s taught me so much. Don’t you wish you had
a swimming pool in the back yard like me?” or “This year’s been crap.
My faith almost cracked. My list of “do hard things” seemed way beyond
my ability to bear.” Here is the truth……. I have walked and survived
by the grace of God, through good and bad, beautiful and stinky. He is
my Truth. He is my Way. He is my Life. Only with my eyes on Him am I
saved from confusion and doubt, and brought into a place of light and
hope. If you only speak of one of your “realities” to me, I will know
there is another. I challenge you to speak most of Him. I challenge
myself. Love, Jennie