Has it only been February?  Can a life really hold so much in 28 days?  I sat in bed before Husband turned off the lights, while he was still reading The Word, and recapped February in the list of a thousand and more.  I just didn’t want to forget – ever!


beautiful snow this morning

Aaron sneaking down early just to have his alone time with me

Timothy sharing scripture with his Momma

Valentine’s party with friends

Valentine’s party with Timothy

correcting kids in the middle of Target

sweet tea spilled. right. after. I mopped.

it’s a girl!

flowers from Nathan

Valentine’s Day dinner with Nathan

provision…double provision!

a moment to sit in stillness and read and give thanks

Father’s divine protection

friends that stick close

a husband who bares more from his wife than he should have to

light rising earlier

an opportunity to watch the goodness of God have room to work

hard realities, hard attitudes, hard actions and reactions – HARD

a new day

He’s still watching over us!

beautiful snow

watching our’s play in the snow

hot drinks all around to warm us

brushing Maddy (the dog)


a husband who has kept us safe…who spent all day continuing to insure our safety

the power of His presence when fear in the night could consume me

conviction to by humbled by

a hard time with a friend

another new day

Father is for us!

Nathan’s home!

new door locks

looking at ideas with Nathan

baby girl moving for her brother, sister, Mommy, and Daddy

Hannah’s sick

watching old home videos with Nathan

his morning hug and kiss

all my boys waking early

up with my sick girl throughout the night

the whole book of James!

missing a friend

broken toilet

hay wire van


i.d. stolen

Hannah being dehydrated, not able to eat, not smiling

we are safe

Nathan has us protected

Nathan’s hard, long work

hope for me and a friend

no lump!

sweet gifts from Church Family

more friends having babies

Hannah being hydrated

now a friend is sick

all tickets and car rental for NC trip bought and paid for at an amazing rate!

talking with Hannah and her prayers and her encouragement

a letter from Dad

lots of snow

cleaning for 5 hours

Timothy’s forgiveness

eating gummy bears with Aaron

internet not working

internet working

boxes of Kleenexes from Costco

Chinese with a friend – right before the sicknesses hit

prayer-texts from friends

Over all, under all, through all – PEACE.  Not always cheerful or smiling.  Not always without tears or trembling.  Not always without anger that needed to be surrendered or pride that needed to be humbled.  Not always quick to do His will and give thanksgiving. Not always knowing exactly what to do or what to say.  Not always feeling but always knowing PEACE because I always know Him.  “I know Whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day!” “He will be called…Prince of Peace…”

From February’s journaling…

“Fill me, fill me, fill me!  More today than yesterday!  Fill me that I may not leave devastation and destruction in my wake, but rather, the aroma – the fragrance of Christ to lift the lonely, to spur on the staller, to encourage the downcast, to grace the sinner like me!” (2/1)

“To have freedom from fear and to trust You and to live in perfect peace – heaven!  I know that’s what it’ll be like with You in glory, but it is promised even now!  If I can have it now, why wait!?  What will it take to be in the midst of the storm and fear not?  How to know rest in You in a restless circumstance?  To trust.  To know Your love and the power of Your resurrection.  To know Whom I have believed…” (written on 2/4…before the robbery and i.d. theft and sickness…before experiencing the PEACE that passes all!)

“I pray the hostility of late is humbling and pruning me – making me less so that You can be more in my life…and in the lives of others.  I also beg to have help, strength, courage, and no fear to live a life that is worthy of the calling of Christ!  I don’t want to be casual or complacent – Father move me!  I know this will involve me getting uncomfortable – more whittling away, but there is no alternative!  It must be done for Your Kingdom to come and Your will to be done on earth as it is heaven!…I cannot be like Christ and make myself comfortable here!”  (2/10…before it all…)

“Forgive me!  Instead of embracing these “sufferings” with patience, I have opened my mouth in condemnation and anger and pride and judgement…Please forgive me!  I want to do this like you Jesus!  “Oh, self die!”” (2/19…two days after…)

“He withholds no good thing from those He loves!”…this “mission” would train me and refine me to become all that I really do want to be – more like Jesus!  A pure light in this dark world.  A genuine love in a jaded place.  A selfless woman in a selfish culture.  A trusting child in a suspicious crowd.  A joyful face – Lord help! – among the stale frowns. A praising heart in the midst of so much slander and pessimism…Whatever it takes refine!” (2/20)


Only You know the joy and happiness and peace that was restored to me yesterday when Nathan was prevented from leaving by the snowstorm.  I hadn’t even known how I had been depleted until I was restored!  Thank you!…I beg to live love!  Most days I feel like a cripple in this area…Fill me, fill me, fill me with Your Spirit!  Consume me with Your fire – a fire that refines me into something beautiful!  For the sake of their salvation and for the sake of Your Name and glory!  May I truly live a “simple life” in You.  The life of David, Daniel, Isaiah, Elisha, Paul, Jesus – simple obedience…By Your Grace.” (2/25)

“Father…(concerning my life) No masks, no flashy adornments, no question – just simple obedience to an awesome God Who still takes 5 loaves and 2 fish and feeds thousands for His Kingdom.  May my life of faith be as a mustard seed.” (2/28)

“S. Rutherford said that there are some who would have Christ cheap, Christ ‘without the Cross.  But the price will not come down.’ Will you pay the price to live a crucified life?  Are you warmed or repelled by the thought of a hard life?” ~Amy Carmichael

#2838 – Ahh, Hannah’s smiling again!