Some days are just this…

or this…

a good workout

finishing one more chapter in my Bible Study

holding her

seeing all of those boys come down the stairs…after 6:30!

having extra hugs from him

homemade laundry soap

laundry folded and put away (almost all of it)

taking him his wallet

helping Christopher with his math

watching Christopher’s cartoon with him

making a dessert for tonight’s Ornament exchange

making supper

one of our friends deciding to return to college

my sister calling…crying…but she called!

talking to Mom

good fun, laughs, food, and friends (old and new) tonight

pulling up into the driveway to candle-lights glowing out the windows

coming home to him

the last burning embers of a toasty fire

going to bed in a warm bed

continuing to ponder on some new dreams…