A Day In the Life…In Pictures

This is my place to meet with my Father…i love my comfy couch, my quilts made with love by Sweet Grace Killen, the gentle light that enters here in the morning, the calmness of the hues of the walls, the inspiration of saved cards and worthy books, and my Willow Tree figurines! Pretty beautiful place to come before my Savior!

Here is where we do life! We eat, we paint, we read, we “school”, we correct, we laugh, we snack, we have “milk-chocolate”, we shoo dogs away, we make cinnamon rolls and bread…the best $50 dollars ever spend (table and 4 chairs at a yard sale)
A sweet friend gave me this piece and it’s accessories. It just “adds” something timeless and appropriate to our home. Notice the school stuff at the bottom…gotta be practical too!
I love my window box; it makes a wonderful picture! The mixer my hubby got me for our anniversary, the white pitcher I found for a great deal at Ross, hand-made curtains (made by that sweet friend again), and ofcourse, the bread basket!
Mmmmmm, cinnamon rolls (on the stove) and coffee…sweet smells, sweet tastes!
Just another pretty view of our “little suburban cottage”.


let’s bake!

nap time

Laundry to be done…still

“I live a small but meaningful life…” (-Kathleen Kelly, You’ve Got Mail)