Dear Love,

If I talk to you about all my insights and dreams for our family, but have not love, I am only a constant grinding.

If I became all I aim to be in Christ, in knowledge, depth, and understanding, but lack love, I am but a white-washed vessel.

If I served you and the children all day long, without complaint even, but have not love, I have still given you nothing.

Love endures, it shows kindness from the heart.  Love isn’t about me, it’s about you.  Love gives peace and forgiveness.  It’s passion is for the Truth.  Love walks through the fire and darkness because it knows there is light awaiting.

We will walk through many seasons and circumstances…and they too will pass.  But love never Leaves or Forsakes.  Much of what we learn we will either re-learn or discard, but love is eternal.

When we first began, I was a child…thought like one, reasoned like one, felt like one.  Now, I must look ahead as the past is gone.  I still have so much to know, so much growing to do!  One day I will love you in all Perfect Love…I will see you with eyes that know the heart.

Three things will make us rich for all eternity – faith, hope, and love – but the one that will give us the most, is love!

(A Personal Take on I Corinthians 13)