Mother’s Day gifts from my Kiddos and Husband (He also got me the movie I wanted, Marley and Me)


-woke up to the strong smell of coffee!
-was complimented and loved on by my husband
-had to correct the boys this morning, but it ended well
-made it through my “speech” on faithfulness at church today and got to be blessed by three other women who spoke on different fruits of the spirit (may post some of these later)
-got to come home early from church…never get to do that…made the afternoon more slow-paced…I had lunch by 1:00…it’s usually 2-2:30
-Nathan got to stay home this evening – no youth group!
-got another nap!!!!
-got to start reading my new book!
-a yummy grilled chicken dinner from my Man!!!
-got to go on a family walk
-plan on drinking decaf coffee and reading more of my book this evening…if I can keep my eyes open!

This has been a great experience for me to record how God answered my prayers. Not every day was roses; sometimes I had to deal with weeds! Nevertheless, God remained faithful and true; I look forward to the weeks to come!